About Us

Alummerce was started in 2008 with the vision of offering the industries most dynamic selection of rolled, extruded, and fabricated aluminum, with  unparallelled customer support.   This started with a focus on the customers demand in today’s market place, by presenting the products in the most simplest/understandable means, and offering the flexibility the market demands.

We have over 10 years of collective experience in the Aluminum industry. We offer our extensive knowledge and experience to undertake the whole supply chain  for your company so that you can focus on your business better while we mitigate the risks that may arise in offshore transactions.  You will notice our value the moment you contact us.

The database of many manufacturers with their capabilities and their track-record of their dealings with us allow us to optimize the sourcing strategy in light of changing international trade formalities and market conditions.

As our business partners, we want you to know that we are not mere intermediaries that buy and sell for profit. You can rest assured that Alummerce will bring many values along the way that you and we would benefit as partners. We believe success comes with good partnerships and we appreciate the trust you placed in us and we will do our best to live up to our commitments.

Alummerce’s mission is to be the value supplier, continuously serving business partners on a win-win basis.

Alummerce’s commitment is to ensure customer, vendor and employee satisfaction, to ensure profitable growth and improving productivity, and caring about our environment and community.